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Escrow Services Provided by Title Guaranty & Abstract Company

An escrow is an arrangement in which a disinterested third party, called an escrow holder, holds legal documents and funds on behalf of a buyer, seller, and/or lender and distributes them according to the buyer's, seller's and/or lender's instructions. There are two important reasons for selecting an established, independent escrow firm or title insurance company. One is that real estate transactions require a tremendous amount of technical experience and knowledge to handle the process smoothly. The other is that the escrow holder will be responsible for safeguarding and properly transacting funds.

Title Guaranty & Abstract Company's experienced staff is trained in real estate procedures, title insurance, taxes, deeds, and lenders closings. Title Guaranty & Abstract Company accomplishes this by:

  • Acting as the impartial depository of documents and funds.
  • Processing and coordinating the flow of documents and funds.
  • Keeping all parties informed of the escrow progress.
  • Responding to the lender's requirements.
  • Securing the needed title insurance policy.
  • Obtaining approvals of reports, inspections, and documents.
  • Prorating insurance, taxes, rents, etc.
  • Income tax reporting for the gross proceeds of the transaction.
  • Recording the deed, loan documents, and all other documents necessary for insuring the transaction.

The explanations above are designed to acquaint you with the escrow process and are based on relatively simple escrows. Every escrow is unique and most are more complex than explained. The Escrow Officers at Title Guaranty & Abstract Company staff is trained to deal with each individual escrow with the utmost care, confidence, and professionalism.

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