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Services Provided by Title Guaranty & Abstract Company

Below are a Few of Our Services at Title Guaranty & Abstract Company

  • 48-72 Hour Service on most Title Orders
  • 1031 Exchange Agreements
  • In Office Closings, Remote Closings by appointment
  • Competitive Closing Costs
  • Land Contract Closings
  • Construction Inspections/Draw Disbursements from Escrow
  • Saturday and After Hour Closings for Your Customers
    Convenience by appointment
  • Commercial Closing and Document Preparation Services
  • Complete Title Clearance - We Will Get Pay-Offs For You

Title Guaranty & Abstract Company offers a full array of title insurance and closing services, including commercial, residential and industrial transactions. When you are in need of title services or have questions about the transfer of property, we want to be your first choice. In addition, we offer specialty services to ensure a smooth and timely transaction. Our local legal counsel is immediately available to answer questions ranging from encumbrances on real estate to handling estates or land contracts. We are a full service title insurance and closing provider.


At Title Guaranty & Abstract Company, we know how important experience is when preparing title insurance for and closing commercial real estate transactions. Our team is experienced in commercial transactions. We pride ourselves on timeliness, details, and professionalism. Our approach is comprehensive when serving your commercial title insurance and closing needs. We are always available to analyze and discuss the complex issues which frequently arise. We strive to provide the title coverage you want with the efficient closing you deserve. It is a combination that we know you will appreciate.


Our professional staff is committed to tailoring our services to meet your needs. From the initial title work to the notarized closings, we are here to ensure a smooth process by working with all parties involved, including the buyer, seller, buyer’s lender or their attorneys. Often, during real estate transactions, issues arise that could potentially complicate the process. Our experience and immediate access to local legal counsel allows us to address almost anything that may otherwise delay your closing. You can be sure that we understand your personal needs, and we will assist you every step of the way in resolving any title issues in a timely manner.

Title Insurance

While title insurance amounts and coverage can be tailored to your specific needs, there are two primary types of policies that we offer:

Owner’s Policy — This provides the buyer peace of mind knowing the title for their real estate is being transferred to them free from encumbrances and liens. This policy is typically paid by the seller and will be sent in the mail after closing, accompanied by the recorded deed.

Lender’s Policy —This is most often required by the lender to not only insure there are no encumbrances and liens on the property, but to give them peace of mind that they can allow you to use this property as collateral for your new loan. This policy is paid by the buyer.

Title Search

In order to issue a policy, we must perform a title search of the property itself. This search will review the chain of various owners to verify the person now selling is actually the current owner of the property. The search will also uncover any liens or encumbrances filed in public records which may harm the value of the property. All information revealed as part of the search is placed on a commitment document that shows what requirements are necessary to be met before a policy can be issued and also indicates exceptions to policy coverage.

Title searches are usually conducted when a property is being sold or refinanced. However, a search can be ordered at any point in time for a variety of reasons:

Closing & Escrow Services

Bringing a real estate transaction to close can oftentimes feel like a complicated process for the parties involved. There are many tasks to be accomplished and paperwork to be prepared. Our experience, whether you are selling, buying, or refinancing, will make this process seamless and easy to understand. We know how to close effectively and how to anticipate potential issues that may delay the closing day. Not only will we work to minimize unforeseen issues, but we will keep you fully informed along the way.

Each of our closings is witnessed by a notary to ensure authentic documents will be recorded. You can feel comfortable that our experience will be working for you at the table.

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